Pearl Barley

PEARL BARLEY is a food product obtained by husking the wheat grains. It is a healthy choice because it brings many benefits to the body, it can be cooked alongside other dishes, it can also be used in preparing a dish specific for the commemoration of dead persons/ alms, etc.

Ingredients: Hulled wheat.

Weight: 1000 gr

Nutritional values:per 100g
Valoare energetica1537,2kj / 366 kcal
Fat1,5 g
Glucides73,5 g
Protein12,5 g

Storage conditions: Keep in a dry, cool place

Allergenic components: This product contains gluten.


The alms

Required Ingredients:
  • Pearl barley (500g);
  • sugar(250g);
  • nut(250g) (quantity can vary according to taste);
  • flavors: vanilla sugar (3 sachets) or vanilla essence (2 ampoules), lemon peel, oranges (to taste);
  • for ornament: cooked biscuit, powdered sugar, (or coconut), candy (small), walnut core.

Method of preparation:

Sort the pearl barley, then wash it more times. Put it in cold water to boil (three and a half parts more water is needed than pearl barley – for eg. For 1 kg of pearl barley is needed 3 ½ water). Boil slowly, in small fire/temperature, for about an hour, until the grain cracks. Add little salt. After the boiled grains have cracked (can be crushed between the fingers), add sugar and stir continuously, so that not to stick to the bottom of the pot. Set aside and allow to cool, the pot has to be covered (generally with a wet towel) so that it does not catch a very thick shell. Leave it overnight and mix it in the morning with walnut, vanilla sugar, lemon peel, oranges, etc. It is ornamented according to the preference of each.